NEWBOLER MTB 手機支架自行車支架 360° 可旋轉鋁製可調節自行車手機支架防滑自行車支架


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  • Type: Bicycle Phone Mount
  • Size: 9
  • Braking System: Disc Brake
  • Capacity (Load): 2kg
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Origin: Mainland China

2022 NEW Aluminum Alloy Mobile Phone Holder

360° Rotatable, Stable Without Shaking

Product Information

Model: HOL232
Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: Black
Apply: Bicycle (electrocar and motorbike)
Feature: 360° universal adjustment
Size: 9×6.7cm
Weight: About 178.5g
The stretching range of the bracket is: about 55~95mm

Mechanical Locking Stability And Anti Shake

Support adjusting knob adopts mechanical locking, stable and firm, not easy to loose

Easy to load without hurting the phone

The knob shaft is easy to adjust the loading mobile phone, and the four grippers are added with non-slip shock-absorbing gaskets, which will not hurt the mobile phone.

Easy To Operate, Do Not Block Buttons And Screen

Reserve button and interface position, do not block screen information, more convenient riding operation

Free Rotation Universal Adjustment

360° spherical adjusting shaft design, not only plane adjustment, no visual dead Angle, more comfortable and convenient

Wide Compatibility Applicable To Multiple Size

The stretch range of the bracket is about 55~95mm, which is suitable for most mobile phone sizes in the market
The narrowest is about 55mm
The maximum width is about 95mm

The tube diameter of the bracket is about 20~35mm, compatible with some electric vehicles and motorcycles
The narrowest diameter is about 20mm
The widest diameter is about 35mm

Product Show

Model: HOL238

Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: Black,Red,Blue,Grey,Silver
Apply: Bicycle (electrocar and motorbike)
Feature: 360° universal adjustment
Weight: About 129g
The stretching range of the bracket is: about 55~95mm

Vertical stand Vs Extension stand

1.Vertical bracket takes up the space of the handlebar relatively, which is not conducive to the installation and expansion of other accessories

2.The shape that extends forward does not take up the space of the handlebar, and the expansion is rich and the space is sufficient.

The all-aluminum alloy is stable and firm

Even in harsh off-road-level outdoor conditions, it can easily deal with bumps, sudden braking, etc.

Anodized, Waterproof and Rustproof

Metal universal rotating shaft

Equipped with a metal universal rotating shaft, which can be rotated 360 to a comfortable angle
The mechanical knob is firmly locked and not easy to loosen

Metal Knob,Double screw fixing

Wide Compatibility

Can also be used with a phone case
The extension distance of the bracket is 55-95mm, which is suitable for most mobile phones on the market

Extended design

Does not take up handlebar space
The bracket shape adopts a forward-reaching design, which does not hinder the expansion of the handlebar space, and the equipment does not fall!

Non-slip rubber pad does not hurt the phone

The bracket is provided with a non-slip rubber pad to avoid scratches, and it also plays a role in increasing friction and improving stability.






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