Hdmi 兼容公頭轉 Vga 公頭電纜傳輸數據 1920*1080p 1080p 4k 轉換器適配器適用於顯示器筆記本電腦適用於投影儀電腦


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  • Type: HDMI-Compatible Cables
  • Connector B: VGA
  • Connector A: HDMI-Compatible
  • Model Number: 
  • Gender: Male-Male
  • Brand Name: Aubess
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: NONE
  • support: dropping
  • Product name: HDMI-compatible TO VGA adapter
  • Length: 0.5M 1M1.8M 3M 5M
  • Sheath material: PVC
  • Operating temperature: 40 ℃

Hdmi-compatible Male To Vga Male Cable Transfer Data 1920*1080p 1080p 4k Converter Adapter For Monitor Laptop For Projector Pc


Product parameters:

Product name: HDMI-compatible TO VGA adapter

Length: 0.5M,1M,1.8M,3M,5M

Sheath material: PVC

Operating temperature: 40 ℃


-Extensive compatibility: HDMI-VGA cables are compatible with computers, personal computers, desktops, laptops, ultrabooks, notebooks, Chromebook,Raspberry Pi,DELL,Intel Nuc,Roku,Wii U, set-top boxes, TV boxes, Xbox One,Xbox 360 or Xbox 360. Compatible with other devices with HDMI ports; with Blu-ray players and devices with low-power HDMI ports (such as SONY PS3 / PS4, apple MacBook Pro,Mac mini and Apple TV with Retina display) are not compatible

-Supported solutions: 1920×1080 @ 60Hz(1080p Full HD), including 720p for high-definition monitors or projectors, 1600 x1200, 1280 x1024, the cable contains a built-in active IC chip, which can directly convert digital HDMI signals to analog VGA signals

-Longevity: Taiwan chips and processes are used to enable continuous and stable transmission of signals

-Play and plug-in: HDMI to VGA cable with gold plating. No software, drivers, plug and play is required.

Package Included:

1×HDMI-compatible to VGA cable


Important note:

VGA cannot be converted to HDMI cable, only signal can be converted from HDMI to VGA.



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