19V 2.1A 6.5*4.4MM 適配器 適用於 LG 24英寸LED LCD顯示器 型號為AP16B-A LCAP26B-E ADS-45FSN-19 19040GPCU 充電器電源線


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  • Plug Type: EU
  • Package: Yes
  • Model Number: SAlg21-6544
  • Output Voltage: 19V
  • Output Current: 2.1A
  • Brand Name: LZUMWS
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE

How To Choose Adapter

Step 1. please check the input data on your laptop or your adapter output.
You will find voltage and current data.
Such as 20V 3.25A 、19V 3.42A、19V 2.37A….

Step 2. check your connection plug size.
Out diameter * lnner diameter
Such as 5.5*2.5mm、4.0*1.7mm、 4.0*1.35mm….

In order to avoid the problem that the purchased products are not suitable for your own laptop, please carefully confirm your computer model,accessories specifications and dimensions when purchasing products.
If you have any questions, please contact us in time.
When purchasing a battery or adapter, please write your own computer model and we will check if it matches the product you purchased.
If you have not asked us and have not informed us of your computer model, resulting in a battery or adapter that does not match your computer model, you can only return or exchange the shipping fee by yourself.

Product Information

Code SAlg21-6544
Input 100v-240v
Output 19V 2.1A
DC Connector 6.5*4.4mm
Size 9*3.5*2.7cm
Suit For LG

Compatible Models :

(Tips : Pls click “Ctrl + F” to find the model you want )
ADS-25FSF-19 19025EPB-1 19025EPBR-1 19025EPCU-1 19025EPG-1 19025EPI-1 ADS-25FSG-19 19025EPCU-1L ADS-25SFA-19-3 19025E ADS-40FSG-19 19025GPB-2 19025GPB-2 19025GPBR-1 19025GPCU-1 19025GPG-1 19025GPI-1 19025G DA-24B19 LCAP26-A LCAP26-E LCAP26-I LCAP51 PA-1021-23 PA-1021-33 PSAB-L202B PSAB-L202C PSAB-L202D PSAB-L203A WA-24C19FN WA-24C19FS ADS-32FSG-19
(More model consulting customer service)

1. Oxygen-free copper fittings, better heat dissipation;

2. Strict electronic components architecture, more durable;

3. Mature power supply scheme, stable charging;




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